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MOSCOW, 8 April. /Corr.of ITAR-TASS Elena Gorlanova/. Situation with AIDS in Russia is getting worse. „According to the data as of April the number of HIV+ Russians has reached 280 th.”, – Vadim Pokrovsky, Head of the „Federal Scientific and Methodological Centre on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Combat” informed the journalists today. As he said, the most alarming situation today is in Moscow, Leningrad, Kaliningrad, Tyumen, Orenburg, Samara and Irkutsk Regions as well as in St. Petersburg.

„According to our prognosis in two years time the number of people infected with this still incurable disease in Russia will reach 380 th. people”, – stressed V. Pokrovsky. „The epidemic has left the marginal groups of drug-users and today is violently disseminating through sexual contacts”, – he noted. He reported that this year Ultanovsk Region has joined the ten most problematic regions. „As of today 6.032 HIV+ cases have been registered in the Region, at that in 85 % of the cases these are the people at the age 15-30”, – said V. Pokrovsky.

„Besides inventing AIDS vaccine and drugs, the spread of epidemic can be stopped by prevention activities, especially among the young people”, – the doctor thinks. „In the nearest future, – reported V. Pokrovsky, – a new project supported by the European Commission – „HIV/AIDS Prevention and Combating” – will be launched in Russia.