12 August 2005 – Presentation of CD with collection of rap music was held on the central pedestrian street of Ulan-Ude named after Lenin. The music collection „Be aware of what to expect tomorrow” was produced in the framework of the information campaign „Choose future without AIDS – always protect yourself”. The collection marks the break- through of rap music of Ulan-Ude, being the first CD officially produced at the sound recording studio. Besides, CD attracts with the interesting findings in musical shaping. Thus, for the first time DJs and rappers of the city have joined together for recording collection and created an interesting composition „First stroke”. The contests on knowledge about HIV/AIDS conducted on the same day were accompanied by rap – group performance and DJ’s music. About 300 people participated in the action.

Ulyanovsk – 24 June/ Ulan – Ude – 3 June 2005 – Talk-shows of Vladimir Pozner about HIV epidemic situation in Russia

Representatives of regional authorities and civil society, officials from educational and health sectors, including the specialists of the regional AIDS Centres, participants of „Young – to -Young” volunteers movement as well as regional media took part in the talk – shows. The project titled „Time to Live!” was launched in St. Petersburg on 15 May 2005 and will end in December 2005.

After talk – shows Vladimir Pozner met with his colleagues for master – classes.

Ulyanovsk – May / Buryatia – June 2005. A big information campaign „Choose future without AIDS. Always protect yourself” was launched in the regional mass media. Idea of the campaign was- to attract attention of youth, the main target group, to the possible ways of HIV spread and to the way to prevent infection. The best video and radio stories created by the leading Russian and international organisations: PSI, AFEW, Focus Media are used in the campaign. The ways the infection spreads and why the sexual behaviour should be safe is explained in the stories. Documentary film „Final diagnosis”, made by the project partner „Internews”, was broadcasted on the regional television. The movie was telling about the attitude of the general population to HIV positive people as well as about the women and HIV. Necessity to introduce HIV prevention curriculum at schools was discussed on radio. The printed materials telling about the ways HIV spreads: posters, leaflets, postcards, T-shirts, produced by the Agency of Social Information will be displayed and distributed in the places where young people tend to congregate: at secondary and high schools, in bars, discotheques, on the streets of the city.

August 2004 – Both in Buryatia and Ulyanovsk social surveys have been conducted among the youth. The purpose of the survey was to identify awareness level of young people about HIV-related issues. Results of the survey were announced at international conference on HIV and hepatitis in Suzdal in September 2004.

Based on results of the survey a media strategy for Ulyanovsk Oblast and Republic of Buryatia was developed by the experts of the project.