September, 2005 – Ulyanovsk. Experts of the Project together with Main Regional Department of Education of Ulyanovsk are developing methodological manual on introduction of HIV/AIDS prevention programmes in schools curricula. The manual contains general facts about HIV/AIDS, samples of trainings and activities based on the experience of NGO „Humanitarian Project” (Novosibirsk), schools, high schools as well as of volunteer groups of Ulyanovsk.

In August – September 2004 regional experts conducted workshops for schools administrators and psychologists. The tested materials on HIV/AIDS prevention and combating were presented to the specialists. The same workshop was conducted for pro-rectors of high schools. To explain how to use the proposed materials, in October 2004 the experts from Ulyanovsk held the training for psychologists and managers of the pilot schools where the materials were going to be tested. Training for managers and teachers of Buryatia was held in December 2004. 10 secondary schools, State University of Buryatia, pedagogical college of Buryatia and 22 schools and professional college from Ulyanovsk were selected as pilot schools to introduce the programmes.

August 2004 – Training materials on HIV prevention, developed for pupils, students of universities and technical colleges have been tested, before they were presented to the attention of teachers. Regional experts from Ulyanovsk, Buryatia, employees of AIDS Centres and specialists from departments of education have taken part in tests. After that in Ulyanovsk, materials have been evaluated with teachers, psychologists, deputies’ directors of educational departments to find out effectiveness and necessity of the proposed materials. 80 teachers have taken part in evaluation.